Our team is passionate about building a creative community. Our organizational model is to grow the careers of our artists and empower them to give back through volunteering with us. Some of those artists are so dedicated that they are our staff members.

No more “starving artists”

Our artists volunteer their time to earn perks. When they really are dedicating their time, they become paid staff members. Our goal is to never again hear the term "starving artist".


We believe offering perks like studio space, printing, career coaching, and marketing is so valuable for our artists. Allowing them to work for us and gain access to these amazing perks entices more artists to engage in our programs. We are proud to be empowering creative careers in Sussex County.

Not just artists

Most of our board members and management staff are not artists. We believe innovation comes from diversity, and having some "left brains" in the mix has helped us create a solid foundation for our non-profit.

The founders.

They took a leap of faith.

Tom Little, Leah Beach, and Amanda Pace are the brains that created DAC. Tommy was the force behind our brand and marketing that really built a foundation for our voice in our community. Amanda as one of our founding artists with a background working as the Executive Director of Skim USA, had the knowledge of running a non-profit as well as leading large events. Leah with a background in Community Development is the visionary of DAC and incorporated us, founded our model, and built the DAC from the ground up.

Leah Beach

Executive Director & Co-Founder

We all came up with the idea to get some artists together and make some cool events, Leah took it to the next level. With a background in sustainable development, Leah's dream has been to connect artists with people in developing countries. Taking her experience with NGO's in the developing world, she implemented those ideas with our artist network. Leah is a humanitarian photographer, local mural artist, and most importantly a relentless idea machine that created the vision of what we are today. Holding down the title as Executive Director, Leah's vision for our organization has molded us into what we are today and she dedicates herself to our mission to grow us into a sustainable successful creative community.

Tom Little

Mr. President & Co-Founder

From day one, Tommy has been the driver and creator of our brand. He took the DAC and helped to build our image and our voice through our marketing program. As the co-founder of the DAC, Tommy has been a part of every challenge and triumph from day one. He is now the President of our board and the fearless leader of our family.

Lynne Henschke

Operation Manager & Dirty Hands Director

Lynne has a background in working with large corporations in New York City. She has a sharp business mind and is helping to build Dirty Hands from the ground up. Lynne has been helping structure the foundation of DAC as well.

Sophia Sawicki

The Brains

In every group of innovative dreamers, there is the one person who reminds the group that building a waterslide through the Warehouse may be unrealistic. Sophia has a background in business, so when its time to get to work she's the one who motivates our creative bunch. She keeps us motivated and level headed, bridging the creative and the logic together.

Kyle Ten Eyck

Marketing Genius

With a background in marketing and business, and a top notch photographer, Kyle is an amazing addition to our team. As a local photographer he works directly in our creative community and gives us amazing business direction as we grow the DAC. As the head of our marketing program, he keeps our brand and voice in tip top shape.

Chris David

The Web Guy

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Jordan Gibson

The Video Guy

Jordan of Mosaic East Studios has one heck of an eye and joins us out in the field to create videos that gets butts to our events. As a new video guy in our community, we love his help and devotion to our branding and company culture.

Annie Plowman

Vibe Patrol

Our own little ray of sunshine. Annie takes any problem and finds a positive solution. From coordinating and assisting at events, to making sure the wine never runs dry. Annie has joined our team to help in any way possible all while keeping an upbeat creative energy to the group. As a accomplished writer, we are so happy to have her as our board secretary.

Amber Davis

Plant Lady

Amber has been with us since the beginning and has become a rock of the DAC. As a yoga instructor, horticulturist, devoted artist of so many abilities and mediums, we just adore Amber. Amber has helped us with our community garden program and also is a dedicated staff member taking on tons of responsibilities with the DAC.

Nikki Grillo

Math Whiz

Nicki is not only a badass computer geek but is the one who crunches our numbers and keeps our budget on track. As the treasurer of the DAC, her job is to keep our financial goals in line while ensuring that we are as sustainable as possible.

Jeff Arsenault


Jeff is the person that always gets thrown into the mix last minute. As a local visual artist, he spends a lot of time with our group and is always eager to lend a hand. He is the official non-official MVP of the DAC, Always ready to jump in whenever he can. Jeff has been helping a lot with our Artreach program and leads his own Illustration program through the Inspired Artist Program.

Olivia Henning

Mini Visionary

Olivia is an incredible addition to our team and is always passionate about helping with any project that we give her. As a pastry chef locally she also is also an amazing visual artist.

Our amazing partners.

From large non-profits that support us, to the foundations that fund us, to the businesses that empower us, to the creative brains who dedicate themselves to our vision. We are so proud to have these groups as our partners.