Events so good

you’ll slap your mama

We are known for our events, in fact our events are the reason we are where we are. From the biggest Holiday shopping event of the season to the best taco and margarita competition down here at the coast, we like to push beyond the boundaries of creative events. We encompass everything from visual arts, to the written word, to craft beer, to live music. We believe art extends beyond the reach of a paint brush, and we can't wait to see you at our next big day.

The big boys.

Taco Mania, Art on Tap Fest, Art Land, and Dewey Sip and Shop are the largest events of our year. These are the events that bring in the finances to keep building our programming and engage a HUGE amount of the general population. These events are the events everyone talks about, and sometimes forget they are supporting the arts because they are so engaged in the culture we are building.

Art on Tap

We believe that beer is a form of art. Partnering our artists, as well as artists outside of our organization, with breweries throughout the state. Artists display their artwork plus we offer hands on DIY projects from Dirty Hands, incorporating live music and a chance to meet the brewers, we think that Art on Tap is a really amazing concept that we hope to expand to more breweries in our area.

Art in the Yard

In 2020 we are planning to resurrect our Art in the Yard program which partners our artists with towns in our area to expand our creative vision bringing together art, music, culinary, and so much more. Our goal is to expand this program so that we are embracing artists from outside of our community and helping to encourage artists to thrive in communities outside of theĀ  area we serve.

Slow and Steady..

In the future we are looking to take the concept of our events and make them bigger and better. We have been morphing our event vision over the past few years and have discovered less is more… but expanding just extends your reach. We are looking for our events to impact community far beyond our little coastal haven. Stay tuned for some seriously cool ideas.