Get ya' hands dirty.

We are here to empower you to get creative. We believe any person that walks in our door or joins us at an event out in the community has the power to be an artist with the right tools and guidance. Dirty Hands DIY is about you creating functional awesome art that you are proud to hang on your wall or give as the perfect gift. We welcome community members of any age to come get their hands dirty with us.

String Art $25

Easy to do for all ages

String Art is a super easy and fun project that is perfect for any age (kids need some help with the hammering but we have small hammers ready to go). You choose from tons of designs we have, make your custom background, hammer your nails, choose up to 3 string colors, and you have one awesome piece of art ready to pop onto your wall.

Bottle Opener $15

The ``Dad`` Project

A crowd favorite that is the perfect DIY if you're bringing someone wanting to knock out a quick project and focus on drinking their beer. This project takes just 15 minutes and is super easy! Pick you background color, paint & stain your wood, attach the opener, stamp your logo design, and you're done! The perfect Dad project!

Resin Pour Delaware $30

The Resin Fad

Resin pouring is a super popular art trade that quite a few of our artists use in their career. This super fun project gives you the power to pick your colors and get creative with your technique. This project is for teens and adults only because it requires using a blow torch. This project requires staying at our facility for 24 hours so please be prepared to pick it up the next day.

Paper Flower $15

Perfect Home Decor

Paper flowers are a wonderful artistic addition to the walls of your home. Perfect to learn to make so you could transform a normal wall into your personal indoor paper garden (far less maintenance).

Yarn Wrap Horseshoe $20

Add a little color, a lot of luck.

We are OBSESSED with this project. Choose from lots of colors of yarn and make this nifty home decor that will be eye catching to everyone that walks into your home. This project takes about 1 hour to complete.

Kid's Cactus Pot $10

The best project for big and little kids!

This is a wonderful project for our young artists! They pick their favorite pot, paint it any color they want, fill it with sand, decorate their rocks, and there they have the perfect little rock garden!

Dog Leash $15

Perfect for your furry friend

Our Dog leash takes roughly 30 minutes to make and is super fun! Choose between a regular braid or fishtail braid. This sturdy dog leash is made of 100% cotton so it is machine washable. With iron clasp and rope clamp it will be the perfect accessory for your furry friend. Have fun with the string colors to make your own personal touch to your leash.

Tile Coaster $15

Brighten up your coffee table

This project is tons of fun. You choose from tons of color and use alcohol to blend the colors. This is a great project for kids. You paint 4 tiles, spray them down, and they are ready to use.

Cat Scratcher $15.00

Save your couch! Make a cat scratcher!

Decorate your wood background to match your home decor. The Sisel we use is 100% kitty cat safe so they can dull their nails on this instead of your couch. With a fun cat toy attachment, and leather string, this is a perfect toy combo for your kitty. The finished product will hang from a door handle in your house.

Come check us out.

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Create something different. 

Yes, you’re an artist.

We believe anyone can be creative with the right direction. First you choose your project, then one of our Artenders will help you along the way with easy to follow directions. The coolest part is, our menu is always evolving and changing so you can always come and create something different. We can accommodate groups up to 25, or as small as 1 person and welcome all ages to enjoy our projects but please keep in mind you may have to assist your child if they are under 7.

Supporting future creative jobs.

Meet your Artender

Our Artenders are actually artists volunteering their time to help assist you on your creative journey. Our artists do split all of the cash tips you generously give after completing your project, and gain volunteer hours for donating their valuable time to the DAC to access perks for resources.

Some tasty liquid creative courage

Mispillion is July Brewery of the Month

Each month a local brewery sponsors Dirty Hands DIY Station so you can have a complimentary brew with your DIY project. Mispillion is a brewery located in Milford, Delaware and totally has the same "creative energy" as us. They have a one of a kind brand and is always pushing the envelope with their innovative brews. We are so excited to have their Weiss City Berliner Weiss and the Reach Around IPA.

Check out Mispillion