Nothing can stop us.

We have accomplished so much with barely any resources, a small super dedicated staff, and a ton of ambition and resilience. Nothing can stop our vision, and we want to share all we have accomplished in such a short time.


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A home for artists.

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into with The Warehouse. We discovered we needed a space 100% dedicated to our creative community and boy are we building it. The Warehouse is what we like to call a very uninsulated, un-drywalled, very black canvas. It has taken us a lot of time, but we are so proud of what we have built so far.   

Yeah we can’t recognize it either.

We are so proud of this space we have built. We have art studios, our office, and communal space for our staff artists. In Fall 2019 we are opening up the other side of The Warehouse as a communal meeting and creation space. In the future, we plan to completely finish this Warehouse to serve as many creative brains we possibly can. 

A creative space for our community.

When we got our hands on this empty warehouse we had no idea what it would transform into. Our friends at Revelation Brewery plus some super cool artists built studios inside these walls. We discovered this space was perfect for creating a community arts space which led us to creating Dirty Hands.  

Something different.

Dirty Hands has gotten our hands plenty dirty since we have completely built this space on a super tight budget with one passion, getting our community creative. This is just the beginning, we are planning to expand this space over the next year to bring our community even more projects while creating jobs for our artists and sustaining the DAC. 

The future is near.

Some call us ambitious, some call us risk takers. We are here to make waves in our creative community, and everything we are building is leading us to a solid future. Some may call these goals, we call this our future.


From employing our artists to empowering them to employ theirselves, our biggest purpose is to create jobs. We plan to offer tons of resources and career building so we are transforming creative careers in our area and beyond. As we build our programing we have the resources to also employ artists. Our goal is to transform the artistic career game in Sussex County.


We want our events completely immersing our local community in culture. We plan to grow the concept of our events so that we are reaching more people getting them to notice our artists and give back to our organization. From having Art on Tap reach every brewery in the State, to spreading the concept of Art in the Yard through as many cities as possible, to growing our money making fundraisers to max capacity, we are ready for our events to take over.

The Warehouse

We can’t wait to expand this space. With part of our Warehouse ready for our staff artists, we still have a lot of work to do. We want to completely finish the Warehouse building a second floor for more studios and creating a comprehensive communal creation space. This space will offer communal meeting space, tool library, and resources for anyone in our organization.

Dirty Hands

Dirty Hands was created with the goal of creating jobs, bringing art and culture to our general community, and being income generation to the DAC. We plan to expand within our building offering a private workshop area and lounge. We also are working to expand our projects and workshop area so we can offer tons of fun projects to get our community super creative.
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