Outreaching art...

to our community and beyond.


Artreach is our charitable dedication to our community using our creativity. From cultivating future careers, to empowering people through art therapy initiatives, to beatification projects. Our artists and creative volunteers are ready to give back. To us, art is anything from photography, to music, to yoga, to writing, and beyond. We empower our artists to take on whatever inspires them to give back and we give back to them through giving them volunteer hours to access our perk system. 

Empowering a creative future.

Inspired Artist Program

Partnering with the Cape Henlopen School District we implement after school programs by helping our artists build a 6 week intensive program based on the medium that they do. We connect them with small groups of students with a goal of an exhibition at the end of the program.

Once we have our facilities in place, we will offer these programs on site as well as young adult summer intensive programs as well as internships so we can start engaging the next generation of creatives in Sussex County.

Paint the town.


From murals to community gardens, we commission our artists to create works of art in our area. Our goal is to compensate our artists fairly to create artistic initiatives in our community. We also allow our artists and creative community members to volunteer to implement community gardens and public art installations so we can make our area a more culturally diverse.

We’re just getting started.

We have big plans with our Artreach program.

The idea of community development using skilled volunteers is what inspired us creating the DAC. We believe empowering artists (our skilled volunteers) to give back in an innovative way could transform a community. Our goal is to take this concept and implement programs partnering with our at-risk community within Sussex County connecting our artists to existing programs to help create art therapy initiatives.

Programs we've implemented.

As we grow our resources we are able to offer more Artreach programs. The more artists we have engaged in our volunteering perk program, the more staff we have to grow our charitable reach.

Beacon Middle School

Inspired Artist Program

We currently have a creative photography and illustration program implemented at Beacon Middle School. We have two teaching artists that come in and lead the programs. We are looking to expand this program in Fall 2019.

The Wall

West Rehoboth Community Mural

This May we partnered with Revelation Brewery and Dewey Beer Company for the Beer on the Run 4 Miler. We raised money to paint the wall white plus some much needed landscaping! We are currently working to get a grant from Sussex County to pave our gravel road plus commission artists to paint a mural on this wall. Our projected end date is Fall 2019.

Yoga and Chill

Yoga is a creative expression

Teaming up with Soulfire Collective, a yoga community in Rehoboth, we have an event in August called Yoga and Chill. The goal is to connect the community to yoga while also implementing a art therapy initiative. This event also raises money directly for our Artreach program.

DAC Community Garden

Our little garden

In 2018 we partnered with Brew Fest hosted by Gary's Dewey Beach Grill. They donated proceeds from their event to us which we used to build our ``arts garden``. We plant native plants as well as our succulents and herbs we use for our DIY. Local community members help themselves to our herbs as well as tend the garden.

Seawitch Festival

Giving back to the troops.

Since 2017, we have partnered with the Rehoboth Dewey Chamber of Commerce to make super power bracelets for the troops. Our artists come help the kids out as they make these super cool bracelets the we send over seas to the troops.

Community Art Installation

Rose Garden at Cuvee Ray

Our Dirty Hands DIY crew teamed up with Cuvee Ray to offer a community art project to decorate their outside patio. We had community members creating these beautiful flowers which came out amazing! The best part is the people who created the flowers can come back to visit.
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