Our family

The backbone of the DAC.

DAC was created for artists by artists. 12 artists came together with a dream of empowering a creative community. Since we have grown to expand our programming and have since served over 175 artists. Our purpose is to grow the careers of our artists encouraging them to give back to our charitable initiatives. Our artists can be as involved or uninvolved as they wish. They are welcome to pay for our services or volunteer their time with our Artreach and Sustainability program so they can access our career development, presentation opportunities, and The Warehouse for free. Our model promotes expansion of careers while connecting our artists to the community in an innovative way.

Artist Development

Growing productive creative careers.

We supply our artists with a foundation to be successful. When we began we thought our purpose was to "pop-up" artists work to help them sell their work. We discovered that isn't our purpose. We do not sell our artists work, instead we empower their career with helpful marketing tools and resources plus career coaching and connecting them with opportunities to showcase their work. As our resources grow, our goal this year is to offer our artists services like digitalizing artwork, professional printing, tool library, and so much more.

A space to call home.

The Warehouse is a 2500 square foot warehouse in West Rehoboth that we have dedicated to our artists. We currently offer studio spaces and a communal creation space. As we grow our resources, we will build this space over time so we can offer a comfortable home for our artists to collaborate and get inspired.

Career Coaching

In fall 2019 we will offer group career coaching available for our artists. We want our artists to understand how to have a sustainable careers learning anything from budgeting, to how to start a LLC, to understand artistic service contracts and trademarking. Our vision is to never hear the term “starving artist” ever again.

Know your brand.

We want our artists to be able to understand their brand and how to communicate that to the public. From logo design, to website building, to business cards and stickers. We want our artists to stand out and make a bang in the community with their vision.

We create jobs.

From licensing their work for merchandise and prints we sell to raise money for our programs, to commissioning them to paint murals and beautification projects, to employing them to run our organization. We are here to empower creative careers.

Show your work.

We partner our artists with businesses around our area to show their work turning any empty wall into a personal gallery. We also facilitate our artists to pop-up their art at local breweries and community spaces. Our goal is to connect the community to our artists in an innovative way.

A place to call home.

Brick by brick.

The Warehouse is our space 100% dedicated to our artists. We started with a very blank canvas, and we have slowly been building our creative home over the past year. We currently have 4 studios, one of which is our office. We also have one large communal space we are opening to our artists in June 2019! This is a communal creation space that will be a few couches, some tables, some stools, and all the good vibes to get artists collaborating.

The future is near…

The future is so bright for this space. Our next phase is to drywall, insulate, and build a second floor. Once we do that, we plan to add in a bunch of studios for even more artists to work in a communal environment. We are working to build a comprehensive resource area for our artists to rent tools and supplies, a photography studio and print lab, as well as have a communal meeting and creation space. We can't wait to see this space finished.

Ready to jump in?

If your ready to find out more info on joining us as an artist, follow the link to our artist application.

Join our family