We are the Developing Artist Collaboration.


Partnering our artists & volunteers with schools and at risk groups to create art therapy initiatives as well as murals and beautification projects.

Artist Development

We give our artists resources, career building tools, and an innovative space dedicated to them collaborating and building a creative community.


Our events and Dirty Hands program generates income for Artreach, Operations, and Artist Development.

A model that works.

We know this model is different, but it works. Empower the artist, encourage creative community development, and spread culture like wildfire throughout our community and beyond. Thats our purpose.

Creative community development.


Is how our artists and volunteers give back and impact our community in meaningful ways, all with the goal of enriching the art culture in our area. We involve our DAC members with community murals and beautification initiatives, art therapy programs for local at risk groups, as well as hosting after school programs at local schools.

In the future we are expanding this program into growing more youth programs to engage future careers, partnering with at risk groups to implement handicrafts and other art therapeutic career building, as well as international Artreach programs partnering artists with International NGO’s on the ground to incorporate artistic services to expand missions creatively.

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Its all about the artists.

Artist Management

We support our artists and empower their careers by providing career coaching, businesses development resources, access to our tool library and by providing an innovative space dedicated to collaboration and building creative careers.

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It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Our events are one of a kind. We believe art extends beyond the reach of a paintbrush so our events encompass anything from the largest taco and margarita competition in our area to the largest holiday shopping soiree in southern Delaware. Not to mention these events spread culture and creative energy to anyone in our area.  All of the income generated from these events are put back into our Artist Management and Artreach programs. Our Dirty Hands DIY Station encourages anyone to get creative with us and 100% of  that income goes back to our programming as well. We strive to be completely sustainable from these programs.

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