CCSP Full Package

CCSP Full Package

CCSP Full Package

Welcome To The Full CCSP Package! Grab a snack and answer the following questions so we can get to know you!

Pricing & Inventory

How do you currently feel about pricing your work?
How well is your product selling at current prices?
I feel my products are priced:
Do you keep track of studio hours, cost of supplies & product inventory?
Is your creative business a primary source of income?

Branding, Displays & Packaging

Are you new to exhibiting work, or experienced?
Do you have a well defined brand for your creative business and displays?
How do you typically display work?
When a customer buys a product, how do you deliver it to them?
Do your displays currently include clear brand identifiers?
Do you use a consistent display set up for every event?
How do you usually feel during and after events?

Find Your Niche

How would you describe your current product line?
Do you know who your target audience is?
How unique is your product line?
Can you clearly identify your sources of inspiration & artistic style?

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