25 Content Creation Ideas for Artists

Drawing a blank when it comes to sharing on social media? Overwhelmed by the pressure to constantly invent new ways to take photos and videos? We have 25 prompts coming in hot to help get those creative juices flowing… This list helps connect you with your audience (it is SOCIAL media after all), get your work out there, and express what makes your creative practice so unique!

  1. Time lapse process videos.
  2. Videos talking about / showing your favorite tools, materials & how you use them.
  3. Videos / photos of your last event.
  4. Photo montage of art, places & things that inspire you.
  5. Photo of what you’re working on right now.
  6. Share your current palette/ work station set up.
  7. Photo montage of your work over the years.
  8. Reel of a finished piece in different locations.
  9. Reel of a piece from start to finish.
  10. Video discussing your medium & why you love it,
  11. Video blog or reel of a studio tour.
  12. Photo carousel of details in your work.
  13. Before & after (the materials & tools vs. finished work)
  14. A day in the life video blog or reel.
  15. Share work you’re stuck on or have abandoned.
  16. Announce upcoming shows & exhibitions
  17. 5 tips you have for other artists
  18. 5 things people don’t know about you
  19. 5 things people don’t know about your creative process
  20. 5 artists you love (tag them)
  21. A brief history of you as an artist
  22. Photos of other art forms you’ve tried or currently practice
  23. Giveaway or contest offering a print or small piece to your audience
  24. Ask your audience to help you name a piece, pick a color, or choose a theme
  25. Show off a series you’re proud of and explain why
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