2022 Was Our Biggest Year Yet.

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For nearly a decade, DAC has been building towards a community where Art thrives.

As a truly grassroots non-profit, we've had to get creative over the years as we worked to prove our worth and the worth of Local Artists as a whole.

We charge our Artist Members at-cost for resources, services, and opportunities and rely on our Events and Out of the Box DIY to generate the funds we need to sustain our programming.

This year, we invested heavily into our creative community beyond our normal programming


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Artist Development

Since the very beginning, DAC has been dedicated to helping Artists elevate their creative careers & lifestyles.

We offer education, resources, opportunity, and connection to Artists at cost, giving them the ability to make their Art their main focus.


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See How Our Mission Grew This Year

West Side Creative Market

At the beginning of 2022, we made major improvements to our very own open-air Arts Market in West Rehoboth.

With a brand new look and vastly improved design, we are able to connect Local Artists to thousands of guests a month during the Summer.


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See The Impact Of The Upgrades We Made

When Artists have the skills, resources, & opportunities to grow thriving businesses, they can contribute to their communities in transformative ways.

The West Rehoboth Legacy Project


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Read About The West Rehoboth Mural

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Artists Are Our Mission.

As we continue to grow, our main priority will always be

Elevating Creative Careers & Lifestyles


Educational Workshops


Artists That Completed CCSP

Education. Development. Connection.

DAC provides Artist Members with opportunities to further their careers, skills & lifestyles throughout the year, including our Creative Career Support Program.

DAC's Studios on Terrace offers Private Studio Rentals, At-Cost Print Services & space for Connection Groups to come together.


Active Artist Members


Artists Active In Connection Groups


At-Cost Prints Made


Private Studio Tenants

"I have made more friends in the last 6 months since joining DAC than I did in the 2 years I’ve lived here before that.

I’ve made connections with creative & inspiring people. I have even started collaborating creatively & partnering in business endeavors with fellow artists.

My life has exploded with creativity, inspiration and opportunities since joining DAC."

- Hannah Whiddon


"Being involved with DAC has been the catalyst for my art career.

The community, support, motivation and professional opportunities have helped me build confidence as an artist.

I now have a full time art business that I am proud of and passionate about."

- Laura Erickson


"DAC fulfills my needs as an artist in so many different ways.

Along with connecting me with a strong and faithful customer base, I have met so many other talented artists that encourage and want the best for each other. Running an art business can feel isolating, but I don’t feel so alone thanks to the artists at DAC.

It’s like a little family which I just love"

- Mallory Weizbicki

Community Events Focused On Art

West Side Creative Market


Dewey Sip & Shop

& More


Artists Sold Their Art At Our Events!

Opportunities For Artists To Grow

Our Vendor Events give Artists a way to sell their Art to locals & visitors alike, but the impact doesn't stop there.

Every DAC Event features a wide array of Artists--musicians, bartenders, cooks, magicians, performers--who are paid to bring their skills to make our events what the community has come to expect!

These events continue to bring support to all of our Local Businesses.


Paid To Musicians & Performers


Dewey Sip & Shop Attendees


Creative Market Guests


TacoMania Supporters

West Side Creative Market

In 2022 we invested over $60,000 to completely transform this space, creating an elevated experience for our Artist Vendors and the thousands of guests who attended this year.

Not only does Creative Market give opportunities to Artists, it is a major vehicle for DAC to raise funds. We are able to provide our Members with at-cost programming through the money made off of drink, snack, merch, & DIY sales throughout the year.

"The Creative Market has become the social, artistic and philanthropic hub of West Rehoboth."

Built For The Future of Art.

West Side Creative Market was upgraded this year to ensure that Art in our community has a place to call home for years to come.

This involved removing existing gravel & grading the lot, building a specially designed covered structure of 21 Artist booths, installing a well, new electrical connections, planting sod, and more!

The Impact Of Our Investment is Clear.


Estimated Total Vendor Sales (Up From $25,200 in 2021)


Total Artist Vendors That Participated (Up From 46 in 2021)


Estimated Attendence (Up From 6,300 in 2021)

The West Rehoboth Legacy Project

A Historically Black Community, West Rehoboth has a history that hasn't been recognized by historical markers.

When DAC first moved to West Rehoboth, we were approached by Brenda Milbourne, who co-founded and leads the West Side New Beginnings West Children and Youth Program, along with Diaz Bonville

A relationship of education, understanding, and collaboration was born.

DAC learned about the history of West Rehoboth through Brenda, Diaz Bonville, and other community members, and with their direction, we began a plan to tell that story through Art.


"DAC and West Side New Beginnings, Inc have brought the community together by extending invitations to each other. Our relationship is forever."

- Brenda Milbourne

So we helped plan, prepare, & fund a mural.

We invested over $37,000 in planning and executing a project that culminated in a Mural by renowned Artist and West Rehoboth native, Terrance Vann.

This project took the work of dozens of volunteers and community members who helped gather documents and stories, prepare the existing wall for the mural, raise funding, and more.

There is still work to be done. In the next year, we will continue to work with our West Rehoboth Partners to improve infrastructure, nurture new initiatives, and implement new ways for people to learn about the past, present, and future of West Rehoboth.

The Foundations Are Set.

In 2022, we spent most of our time and funds to build up the spaces, programming, and relationships that will allow us to focus on sustainable growth in 2023.

Check out our plans for 2023!

Artist Development

The foundation of our Artist Development model is Education, Connection, and Opportunities for any type of creative with a concentration on Emerging Artists.


  • Launching a new Artist Hub that functions like a social media platform where Artists can access on-demand educational content, form group areas, participate in discussions via forums and direct messaging, & stay up to date on all the info they need.
  • Launching our new Career Development program on The Hub that can be accessed on-demand.
  • A larger focus on connection opportunities between Artists--groups, mentorships, mixers, and collaborative projects.
  • Transforming our Studio building into an accessible communal workspace.
  • Adding more tools and resources that Artists can rent or use at-cost or for free.

Out of The Box DIY

At the end of 2022, we opened The Artpothecary, a space where guests can create DIY Art while enjoying some drinks and our beautiful new space.


  • We plan to use this space to house Artist led workshops. Artists will be able to present a workshop idea, and utilize the space to create with guests!
  • We plan to continue to build the Acrylic Pour options, and start offering more custom options.
  • We plan to continue to bring Out of The Box DIY to other community events throughout the year, raising funds, and spreading the word about our Organization.

Community Events

Our Events are a major way for us to provide Artists with opportunity, generate awareness of our mission, and raise funds for DAC. With the foundations built, we look to expand!


  • Consistent (and more) weekly operating days at West Side Creative Market.
  • Mondays & Fridays will feature Artist Vendors every week of the season.
  • Wednesdays will be an opportunity for cultural events throughout the summer, bringing film screenings, comedy, open mic nights, theater, dance, and more to West Rehoboth consistently.
  • We are working on plans for Saturday and Sunday Markets that feature the Creative Market Bar, Food Trucks, & Live Music, providing the community with a beautiful outdoor space to relax, eat, drink, and listen to our wonderful performers.
  • We are planning for changes to TacoMania regarding capacity.
  • We are planning to move Sip & Shop to an indoor location to prevent weather from affecting turn out and the safety of Artists' work.


2022 was the year of lessons and growth for our leadership team. We have let go two of our facilities as well as have made hard decisions to end certain programming that wasn't working.

We are a grass roots organization with a model unlike anything else so we are continuously working towards sustainability. Our focus for 2023 is to build upon our best practices as a non-profit and sustaining the incredible programming we have put in place.