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Join us for 3 Holiday Markets in December!

We had such an amazing time at West Side Creative Market this year, that we knew we needed to bring it back for some Holiday Shopping Fun!


December 3rd



December 10th



December 17th


Presented by DAC

An Artist Development Non-Profit

West Side Creative Market Features Artist Vendors, Fine Art, Live Music, the Creative Market Bar, Food Trucks, and More, All Summer Long.

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Different Artist Vendors Every Event!
Handmade Creative Cocktails with Local Organic Ingredients
Local Beer Provided by our Brewery Sponsors
Amazing Out Of The Box DIY Projects (Fun For All Ages!)
Different Live Musicians at Every Event
Delicious Local Food Trucks
..and so much more!


A Whole New Vision

The Arts have a home in West Rehoboth.

When we brought West Side Creative Market to West Rehoboth in the spring of 2021, we had a dream of developing a space for the Arts to flourish. After presenting our goals to the community and Sussex County, a lot of hard work from our partners, Artists, and team, and over $80,000 of investments, we are proud to have launched a fully evolved version of West Side Creative Market.

More Days For

We've expanded our West Side Creative Market programming for summer 2022. Check out all the scheduled events below!

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Monday Markets

Every Monday All Summer Long 5-9

The classic vendor event you know and love is back all Summer long.

Featuring 100% handmade goods by local Artists and Artisans, this event is a way for our Artists and community to come together every week. Every Monday of the summer will feature around 20 different Artists selling products including but not limited to original fine art, jewelry, ceramics, edible goodies, apparel, and more! Come support our local Artists by purchasing a one of a kind item for yourself or somebody you love.


Every Monday Also Features

  • A Wide Variety of Live Music by Local Artists
  • The Creative Market Bar Serving Cocktails, Beer, & Wine
  • Delicious Local Food Offerings
  • Ice Cream From The Ice Cream Store
  • DIY Projects by Out of The Box
  • Games & Other Fun Surprises!

Sound Bite Wednesdays

Every Other Wednesday All Summer Long 5-9

A Night of Round-Robin Live Music, Artist Vendors, and Food Trucks

At DAC, we believe everyone is an Artist. Sound Bite Wednesdays will feature Artists that can connect with your sense of hearing and taste. Each event will feature a different selection of Artist vendors, local food vendors & food trucks, and a round-robin style musical experience.


Round-Robin Music

A form of musical improvisation, different Artists will take the stage together, collaborating, riffing, and playing off of each other.

This unique live music experience is as fun to watch as it is to listen to. Come watch as these local musicians create a one-of-a-kind show every Sound Bite Wednesday!

Fine Art Fridays

Every Other Friday All Summer Long 5-9

Fine art exhibitions and Group Shows

Fine Art Fridays are a way for Fine Artists to come together to showcase their amazing work!

At DAC, we have several self-led Artist Groups that come together over shared interests, life experiences, styles of work, backgrounds, and more! Fine Art Fridays are a chance for these groups to plan and put on Themed Exhibitions that showcase their work in a way that follows their chosen theme.



Celebrating art for art's sake

Themed Fine Art Fridays will go beyond the work on display. The food, drinks, music, and attire will all play along!

Come join in on the fun!

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