Creative Resolutions

It’s that time of year again- after all the shows, meals & festive mayhem subsides- we are ready to embrace a clean slate and get organized (for real) this time. Instead of making wild declarations that only last for a few days or weeks- let’s make some resolutions you’ll actually *want* to keep…

For a year of Creative Growth… 

A Daily Sketch Book Practice

The old classic. If you want something simple and effective to keep your creativity tuned up- look no further than the humble sketch book. It can be a page a day, 5 minutes a day, a drawing a day (or week)- whatever- it’s your book. Commit to a routine that’s sustainable and fill those pages. It’s an amazing way to keep track of inspiration, explore big ideas in little ways, experiment with color & make beautiful mistakes. Use a variety of mediums, go wild & get into it! This doubles as great social media content and an excellent way to work out ideas for larger work later on…

For a year of connection… 

Accountability Partners 

How great would it be to have a fellow artist who knew you, your work & cared enough to make sure you’re staying on track with goals? Wish granted. The Hub is full of Artists in the same boat- get on the Artist Seeking Artist forum and find someone to tackle 2024 with. You can meet for coffee, do studio visits, zoom calls, walks together- whatever you prefer- we suggest keeping it consistent so it sticks as a habit. Write your own guidelines to help hold each other accountable. Artists need each other.

For a year of learning… 

Furthering education

There are so many ways to include learning in your daily lifestyle- from courses online to weekend workshops and residencies. If there is a skill you’ve been eager to explore- find an educational opportunity and enroll in it. Improve your vocabulary, learn how to build a website, discover art history, take an advanced class in your medium- make 2024 the year of the student!

For a year of abundance 

Grants & Artist Opportunities

Take advantage of the lull this winter and commit to a schedule that optimizes your business. Check into the DAC Hub Opportunity Feed for upcoming grants, paid projects, creative jobs & more. There are plenty of places to look if you just run a few simple google searches or look around on instagram. We love Artwork Archive and Delaware Scene too!

For a year of organization & creative productivity 

Optimize your studio

Our creative spaces tend to get wild and chaotic. This year it stops. We have an AMAZING lesson coming up on the Hub called Studio Optimization- and it will revolutionize the way you approach your work space. It walks you through a step by step, practical method for purging your studio, making sense of your collections, and keeping inventory manageable… Check it out if productivity is on the top of your 2024 checklist.

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