How to Build a Body of Work 

Once an Artist has established their medium, technique and skills- content and subject matter take center stage. Developing a body of work is an important process for both the Artist and their Collectors. A coherent body of work sets you up for successful solo shows, allows you to deeply explore important ideas, and looks awesome on the ‘gram.

Try focusing on specific themes, patterns and concepts so you can explore your creativity while maintaining consistency. There are numerous ways to do this- some will plan to produce a set number of works around a theme, then execute. Others create using a general concept and develop that spontaneously as they go.

However you decide to build your body of work, keep in mind that a certain degree of planning and rules will actually help you to access your creativity.

Themes & Patterns

  • Similar sized work
  • Similar subject matter
  • Similar color palette
  • Similar technique or style


  •   Deeply explore an important concept
  •   Build toward a solo show
  •   Find your niche audience
  •   Work toward a larger goal
  •   Improve through sticking to a routine

Start the Process

  •   Look at what you already create
  •   Notice themes and ideas you revisit
  •   Research bodies of work you admire
  •   Set a goal for yourself
  •   Write about the process as you go
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