On Full Display

Displays and packaging are the first (and last) impression a buyer encounters. Whether it's a vendor table, pretty frame, or pyramid of cookie boxes at the grocery store- great displays look interesting up close and from a distance. They invite buyers to get curious and examine products closely. This is step one in physical marketing.

In preparation for the event season, I’m encouraging Artists to approach displays artistically. Incorporate your brand's color scheme, aesthetic, and vibe. Utilize both horizontal and vertical space to draw the eye in. Keep displays consistent, organized, and well stocked. Art and craft show veterans practice setting up displays in advance to prevent confusion the day of a big event.

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Use free resources online like Pinterest and Instagram to research display styles that match your style. Go to vendor events and shows to explore what other Artists are doing, and don't hesitate to ask them questions about where they source display materials. Most vendors are thrilled to discover you noticed their thoughtful display, and will be open to telling you more.

Define space for the products you want to display, as well as bins and labeled containers for extra inventory. Above all, have fun with your display- it's an extension of your artwork!

Set the Stage

  • Laying a rug down in front of your table anchors the space. If you do this, be sure to anchor the rug into the ground securely with metal posts so tripping isn't a hazard.
  • Use small ladders and racks from thrift stores for extra vertical space
  • Colorful bowls and plates keep small items organized & accessible

Plan ahead

  • A friend or family member can help support you when shows get busy
  • Practice setting up and breaking down
  • Organize extra inventory in labeled bins

Collect Data

  • Frame a small bio about yourself and put it on your table with payment info
  • Bring a clipboard and inventory sheet
  • Lay out a nice journal so customers can add their name to your mailing list
  • Stock up on business cards!
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