Open Love Letters To Artists

Open Love Letters To Artists From DAC…


“Artists are the original romantics. We see the potential, the ideal, the depth and eccentricity in each other. We brood over the mundane, the tragic, the beautifully fugacious pleasures in life… It is our fate to revel in the mysteries, to seek truth & occasionally loose ourselves in the process. If we stumble, it is merely an excuse to reinvent ourselves, rise from the ashes, and fall in love with life all over again.” – Ryan Vai


“Artists = Love : Love = Artists | Opening their hearts to envision a future not visible to many, artists allow their lives to be guided by love.  The beauty that flows through the heart of the artist inspires hope of a world filled with love.  The courage to share that beauty with others gives permission to others to share their love.  Love is artists.  Artists are love.”  – Joe Garner


“Roses are red, violets are blue, poems are hard… Too often success is said to mean being the best, the most popular, or most efficient. We’re told to work smarter, not harder. We’re taught to maximize productivity and profitability–to hop on trends and prioritize getting a small slice of people’s attention. In this definition of success, failure is almost guaranteed. I love Artists because when they “fail,” they still succeed.


Creative work that doesn’t sell or go viral or facilitate a big break is still infused with passion, hard work, and new perspective. Art that is controversial, or offensive, or simply “isn’t for everybody” still contributes to making our world rich and varied. Art unsold, ripped up, painted over, trashed, crushed, melted down, or otherwise deleted from existence was still the result of an Artist being vulnerable in their expression. I love Artists because when they “fail,” they still create.” – Pat Gallagher


“What I love the most about Artists is our courage and resilience to take a chance on something because we share our vision with others. Making physical things out of our imagination and sharing them with the world takes a lot of guts. Never forget that what you do doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Think of all of the things out there that are mass-produced! Everything you create is unique to you and one of a kind, and that is worth its weight in gold. So keep on being resilient as you create, and have the courage to know your worth – always.” – Leah Beach


“What I love most about artists is their passion and courage. By pursuing their passions, they inspire others to do the same. Watching artists put their heart and soul into their work is truly inspiring. I also greatly appreciate the bravery of artists who are willing to convey significant themes through their art, providing a platform for stories that might have been overlooked or ignored. These stories not only promote connections among people but also stimulate conversations that are incredibly valuable in today’s world!” – Kathy Poole


“Brush strokes on canvas, 

Soul’s expression vividly, 

Artists breathe life’s truth.”

– Gina DePaul



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