Best Buy  Isn't Your Neighbor

Bethany Is.

Amazon  Isn't Your Neighbor

Asher Is.

Home Goods  Isn't Your Neighbor

Heather Is.

Sony  Isn't Your Neighbor

Suz Is.

At DAC, we LOVE Artists

& we think everybody else should, too.

So we're on a mission to make Handmade Gifts the go-to this Holiday Shopping Season.

Because thriving Artists

create thriving communities.

This page is a part of an on-going project to promote, educate, and spread awareness on how and why to Shop Handmade.

Artists Make Communities

When you decide to shop Handmade from Local Artists, you make the decision to impact your community in a BIG way.

An Investment In Handmade, Is An Investment In Your Community.

For every $100 spent at Local Businesses, $48 goes back into the Local Economy.

Artists Selling Handmade Goods put even more back in, because they're not resellers of other companies' products!

Locally Handmade Gifts Make People Happy!

75% of People prefer to receive a gift that is unique and has a story behind it.

A growing majority also want gifts that are eco-friendly, made locally, and HANDMADE!

Artists & Local Business Owners Make Communities STRONG

DAC Artist Members participate in a wide array of other organizations, professions, and groups that work to make our community a better place for everybody.

Artists bring the creativity to impact change!

Local Art Celebrates The Communities We Call Home

Many DAC Artists find inspiration in all the things that make our communities such amazing places to live!

Artists not only incorporate local scenes and themes in to their work, but are dedicated to keeping our communities beautiful!


- nobody, ever.

They want

Something Like This


handmade by

Somebody Like This

We've got you covered...

In Addition to DAC Vendor Events like Dewey Sip & Shop, & Holiday Creative Market, there's plenty of ways to Shop Local Art this Holiday Season.


We've made a handy list to help.

"It's all about The Story...
Everyone of my photographs have a special time and place for me. I love to share these stories with my customers.
What is crazy is that the images stir thoughts for them also that they recall by looking at my photographs."

Keith Warren, Brushin' W/ Keith

A Tale of Two Mugs

We've all given or received a mug as a gift at some point...

Let's consider the difference between one Handmade by a Local Artist and one purchased from a big retail store.

Handmade Mug

Bought From A Local Artist


One of a kind

Made locally in a studio

Thoughtfully crafted


Purchase supports a Local Artist!

Store Bough Mug

Bought From A Big Box Retail Store


Mass produced

Made overseas in a factory

Made cheaply


Purchase supports a corporation.

The Big Box Journey

Corporate retail stores and major online sellers contribute to over 25% of carbon emissions, with most of the profits leaving the community and in to the pockets of executives and shareholders.

Big Factory (Mostly Abroad)

Pollutive Shipping

Big Box Store or Warehouse

Profits Into Corporate Pockets

The Handmade Journey

When you make a purchase from a Local Artist, the journey of that product has minimal impact on the environment, with maximum impact on your community.

An Artist's Home or Studio

Local Shop, Event, or Online Shop

Profits Back To The Artist & Community

....To Fund Their Next Creation!

Artists Are Your Neighbors.

When you shop handmade, you're supporting the people that make your community amazing.

Keith Names

Keith Warren

Husband. Father. Grandfather. Retired Teacher. Organizer. Starboad Director of Entertainment & Security. Friend to Many. Brushin w/Keith Owner. Provider. Mentor. Confidant. Leader. Promoter of Goodwill Towards Others. Super Large & Tall. Morgan Freeman. Hightower. Always Stage Right. Lover of Life. Glad to be Seen!


Gracie Schlapo

Dog mom. Girlfriend. Bartender. Eagles fan. Friend. Beach Comber. Dog mom. Girlfriend. Bartender. Eagles fan. Friend. Beach Comber.


Grcie Names

"It's true that when you purchase from a small business someone does a happy dance when you walk away or place an order on their website.

You just don't get that with big box stores." 

Zoë Seavey, Boxes of Tangerines

Shopping Handmade Has Never Been Easier (Or More Fun.)

In Addition to DAC Vendor Events like Dewey Sip & Shop, & Holiday Creative Market, there's plenty of ways to Shop Local Art this Holiday Season.


We've made a handy list to help.

DAC Artist Vendor Events

A Handmade Holiday Shopping Event

Black Friday Weekend in Dewey Beach

An Open Air Artist Vendor Market

First 3 Saturdays in December in West Rehoboth

Other Local Handmade Shopping Events

Every Weekend

A free winter event in Rehoboth that features an Artisan Lane where Local Artists sell their handmade goods!

November 19th

A Holiday Craft Fair featuring 35 Local Artists & Crafters.

November 26th

A Holiday Version of Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market featuring handmade goods by Artists & Artisans.

December 2nd

Local Lewes merchants host evening shopping with musical entertainment.

December 3rd

A winter event celebrating Lewes History and featuring vendors selling gifts and handmade goods.

December 4th

A Vendor event featuring gifts, crafts, handmade items, jewelry, and clothes.

December 9th

A Holiday Handmade Market featuring LGBTQ+/ally Artists and makers.

December 10th

Fine Art and Fine Crafts and many holiday gift items from Art League Members will be on display and for sale.

Want us to feature another handmade shopping event?

Local Stores Featuring Handmade Art

A Rehoboth bookstore that also features Local Handmade Art.

A Lewes Marketplace featuring a wide array of art, decor, gifts and more.

A Milford Marketplace featuring goods by Local Artists & Artisans.

A Rehoboth furniture and decor store featuring Art by Local Artists.

A Lewes Marketplace featuring a wide array of Local Art, decor, gifts and more.

Want us to feature another place where people can shop handmade?

At The Developing Artist Collaboration,

we help Artists access the education, resources and connections to elevate their creative careers.

From financials to content creation to full websites, we've been able to help dozens of Artists take their handmade businesses to the next level.

But Developing Artists Is Just The First Step.

We're on a mission to have communities view Artists the same way we do.

More Opportunities To Sell

Shoppers are already aware of importance of shopping local, but many local stores don't currently carry local handmade items.

Our goal is to connect Artists & Local Businesses to develop business relationships that benefit everybody.

Elevating Local Culture

Throughout the year we see how our events ignite our community by connecting Artists and guests through Art.

Our goal is to continue to develop Art based events, & work with community leaders to create even more.

Artist Led Impact

Artists have the amazing ability to use their talents to beautify, elevate, & uplift communities.

Our goal is to partner with community leaders to identify and create opportunities for Artists to use their talents to do so while being fairly compensated.

Blue with offset

Delaware's Premiere Holiday Shopping Event

For the 8th Year, DAC is hosting Dewey Sip & Shop on Black Friday Weekend, a Free Holiday Shopping Event that focuses on Artists and Handmade Gifts.

Handmade Art & Gifts by 40+ Vendors a Day

Live Music by Local Musicians

Creative Cocktails, Wine, & Beer by Dewey Beer Co.

DIY Project Bar by Out of The Box DIY

Holiday Creative Market Logo

An Open-Air Holiday Market in West Rehoboth

This year, DAC made major improvements to our very own Art experience space, West Side Creative Market. We're keeping the fun going this Holiday Shopping Season with 3 Saturday Markets in December.

11am-3pm on Saturdays - 12/3 | 12/10 | 12/17

Handmade Art & Gifts by 15+ Artists at Each Market

Live Music by Local Musicians

The Creative Market Bar With Holiday Cocktails, Local Beer, & Wine

DIY Project Bar by Out of The Box DIY