Why Limits Matter

Creative freedom is not doing whatever the  **** you want.

Sounds crazy I know- but hear me out… This has been such a huge transformative concept in my own practice- and has helped many of the Artists I work with in CCSP…

Creativity is generally expressed as openness to new possibilities- and as Artists we crave that creative freedom. We tend toward vast imaginations, tireless curiosity, and dare I say… poor impulse control. This is good. It makes for brilliant risk taking & the courage to investigate fresh inspiration. It can also lead us to go on wild goose chases and bite off WAY more than we can chew. Are you with me?

When I work with emerging artists- one of the most common struggles I witness is the “I make so many things, what do I focus on?” problem…

Well- that is the blessing and the curse. Talent run amok can quickly become a burden. If your goal is to become recognized, organized, or successful in a craft- placing some limits on what you’re making will absolutely set you free. The limits are your choice and they can manifest as: dedication to making a planned series, practicing one medium for awhile, deciding to focus on one palette, one range of scale, etc. Whatever it is for you- don’t be afraid to corral yourself.

Ironically, limiting your tools, your colors, your subject matter can help you produce your best work. It forces you to push what’s in front of you to its maximum potential. It forces you to dig deeper, rather than flirting with all the things, all the time. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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