25 MORE Content Creation Ideas for Artists

Our first post was so popular- we had to write another! Here are 25 MORE content creation ideas for Artists… If you find yourself in need of fresh ideas for social media, look no further! We recommend creating content in batches so you always have something fresh and interesting to pop up on your feed.


  1. Reel of artwork and artists you love with audio explaining why
  2. Video discussing and showing off your personal style (fashion, decor, etc.)
  3. Reel of an era your art would fit nicely in (think historic, nods to different cultures, etc)
  4. “If you love ____, you’ll love this!” Start thinking about your customers interests and tapping into their style.
  5. Try an “art challenge” series. Paint a deck of cards (one per week), rework thrifted art, start a sketch book series…
  6. Share your earliest memories of art
  7. Reel or video of you signing your work
  8. Discuss a teacher or mentor who inspired you
  9. Invite a fellow artist (or 2, or 5!) to a studio play date, collaborate & record the session. Tag each other in your content.
  10. Talk about & show off your favorite work of art at the moment (yours + someone else’s)
  11. Show off your “Artist essentials”, what do you NEED to have a good studio day? Coffee? Pets? Podcasts?
  12. Post every time you hit a new goal or milestone! (finished work, grants, big sales, growth targets, series releases, etc)
  13. Talk about & show what goes into your work so your audience understands pricing.
  14. Talk about your favorite gallery, museum or exhibition & why.
  15. Discuss your creative journey (are you self taught? did you go to school? share a story!)
  16. Show off art you have collected. Why do you love it?
  17. Share client or collector posts from those who have purchased your work.
  18. Use Instagram live to host an art demo.
  19. Share a funny story about a creative blunder
  20. Use your platform to highlight causes or charities close to your heart
  21. National Holidays… There are over 300 per year! Do a simple google search & jump on those hashtags.
  22. Mention the benefits of joining your email list & tell your audience how to sing up.
  23. Flash sale for followers. Offer limited time sales on select items.
  24. Shout out to supply brands you love & use! Show off your process & talk about why you love their product. Tag the brand.
  25. Throwback Thursday posts- great way to recycle old content.
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