Wellness For Artists

We don’t really think of art as a physical activity- but it is! Think about it- we put a lot of pressure on our eyes, joints, fine motor skills, posture and overall sensitivity in the studio. Over time, repetitive actions can really take a toll- either helping or hindering creative longevity. It’s not the most exciting subject, but the sooner we take take a proactive approach to our wellbeing- the better… Here are five ways to embrace a healthier work flow…


Your body is an ART MACHINE- keep it moving. 

  • Take time to stretch, move, get that circulation going. Seriously. If you forget to take breaks, no shame at all in using a timer. Get up at least once an hour for ten minutes and move your body. You can stretch, take a brisk little walk, jump around, dance, anything that feels good for you. To stay on your grind- circulation is key.


Stretching for your EYES

  • Yes, it’s a thing! If you spend long hours in front of a canvas, paper, computer screen, etc- you need to flex those peepers. This means going outside or looking out the window and drinking in that long distance view for a couple minutes. Humans aren’t designed for fixed vision two feet from our faces. When you take your circulation breaks, double the benefits by stretching your eyes too. Soften your gaze, pan out, look far off into the distance. This simple exercise will protect your eyes & save you from headaches.


Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE

  • You guessed it, drink that water! We hear it all the time, we know it’s for our own good- but how many of us really drink optimal amounts of water everyday? Do your best to always keep some fresh fluids close by and sip often. Hydration helps in just about every conceivable way- and if you’re a coffee person like me- you REALLY need to stay on top of your water intake.


Optimize your environment

  • You probably spend a lot of time in your studio space. Why not make it a habitat for health & prosperity? Invest in proper lighting so you’re not straining your eyes. Make sure your air quality is up to par- get a fan, open a window, keep things fresh. While you’re at it, take a look at your posture. Is your work station making you stiff? Adjust your table or better yet- invest in a standing desk. Make sure your environment is working for you, so you can stay working longer…


Art As Movement 

  • Our senses are so informative when it comes to Art and Inspiration. Consider taking that dance class, going to yoga, tai chi, running a marathon, or simply gathering friends for a game of Twister… Creativity springs from all areas of life and movement is absolutely amazing. Next time you’re stuck with creative block- try exerting yourself physically. By exhausting your body, you can usually shake loose any mental debris standing in your way too.
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