ART is a Gift Worth Giving

With the Holiday season approaching, this seems like a perfect subject to explore. Whether you’re an Artist who sells their work or not- sharing art as a gift is probably on your mind. It truly is the ideal present for just about anyone, because handmade items are totally unique. Making a quality piece of art for someone, whether a painting, print, ceramic bowl, glass pendant, cutting board or ornament- demonstrates a real interest and understanding of personal taste. It’s tangible, sentimental & genuinely thoughtful. Approaching Art this way can be incredibly refreshing for both professionals and those who dabble in their creative practice. We don’t usually think of the life Art leads beyond our studios or a sale. This season, I invite you to make Art that lives with people. Whether you’re making products to sell or not- create as if you are giving the piece to a loved one. Make things that improve the beauty of a home, that add a little luxury to that morning cup of coffee, that remind folks they are loved. Think about what that means to you, and the beautiful gifts you have received. Imagine the journey of your work to a new destination- it will probably inspire you to make some subtle yet impactful changes. Create with people in mind- It makes both giving & receiving that much more meaningful.

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