The ART of Impersonation

Artists are genius impersonators! We see it, we like it, we become it (with our own signature twist of course!)… This Halloween we invite you to take a walk on the wild side. Channel that master artist you’ve admired since childhood, explore the spirit of an icon, masquerade as a legendary creature, try on a totally new identity! Take it a step further and embrace this macabre holiday as a thought experiment. What would you eat, do, say, move like if you were the thing you’re impersonating? This is not mere child’s play (although it will excite your inner child!). Practicing the art of improvisation and impersonation allows for new perspectives, approaches and revelations to emerge. Halloween is an excellent moment for Artists to stretch beyond themselves. Adopt contrary or unfamiliar personas to enrich creativity and fuel your practice! But beware- channeling this level of inspiration is not for the faint of heart. The spirit of your newly adopted identity may linger in the darkest shadows of your unconscious- suddenly making itself manifest when you’re all alone in the studio!

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