Digital Detoxing For Artists

Artists and the internet belong together in this weird bittersweet situationship kind of way. We love digital spaces, we hate them, we love to hate them- and the online atmosphere usually indicates those mixed up feelings are totally mutual. Creative people thrive online, that’s where we do business, engage with our networks, apply for opportunities, etc… but sometimes it gets toxic & we need a break. Here are a few ways to give yourself a breather, while preserving all the hard work you’ve done networking online…

  1. Bring back the weekend. There once was a time when digital spaces didn’t exist and the weekend was a totally different experience. Remember how refreshing it was to actually spend your time off relaxing? Not answering work emails, doom scrolling or comparing yourself to endless accounts? Let’s bring back some boundaries around our screen time. At the bare minimum make one day a week your screen-free zone. Spend it connecting with family and friends, making art, reading, go outside, explore, rediscover hobbies, take naps, eat snacks- enjoy yourself!
  2. Away messages are your friend. If you’re worried that people will think you’re neglecting your business, use that blessed away message feature. That’s what it’s for. Write a message that explains when you’ll be back so you’re not leaving someone hanging. Keep it short and sweet with key details like “I’m preparing for (name of an event or show). Thank you for your patience. I’ll be back this Friday morning and look forward to connecting with you soon.”
  3. Schedule content in advance. This is an amazing way to save time and give yourself a break. You can schedule social media posts, newsletters- just about anything. If you keep a consistent schedule with social media posts (bravo!) you deserve some time to relax. Scheduling your content prevents you from being on the app constantly- which can suck you into scrolling & wasting a lot of time.
  4. Make it count. Whether you’re setting aside a day or a week- make your digital detox count. Consider turning off as many screens as possible- phones, tablets, the tv, etc. By hitting the pause button you force yourself to become a lot more intentional about the content you’re consuming. If you do decide to watch something- make sure it’s worth it. Our brains are not designed for 24/7 stimulation- and artists in particular need some time to simply be with our own thoughts.
  5. The Mini-Detox. If you’re not ready to fully unplug try doing a mini-detox. The idea here is to become more conscious about how you’re using your devices. You can turn off push notifications. Limit your device use to one at a time. Make airplane mode your friend. Delete distracting, useless apps. Schedule time outs. Make your bedroom an internet / device free zone.


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