Making Simple Products More Valuable

With vendor season right around the corner, we wanted to share some tips on making the most out of simple products. Customers come to markets looking to peruse… They’re not always prepared to make a large purchase or commit to that show stopper (you should still bring those!). What they are ready for is small, easy products that hook them into your brand. These purchases can lead to larger sales later on, and should help collectors find you easily in the future… Here are our top tips for memorable, basic products that serve as a gateway purchase.

Embellish Your Prints: This is one of my FAVORITE tips! If you sell prints, go in with some paint or pens (whatever your medium is) and embellish each print. You don’t have to go crazy, just a few accents here and there. Add a little texture, or layer a bit more color- whatever suits that piece best. Now you have unique limited edition collections available. This makes prints more desirable AND increases value. Don’t forget to sign & number your prints! If you’re looking for high quality, affordable print services- we got you! We print locally from the studios & offer a great selection of everything from paper to canvas.

Upgrade Your Packaging: Never underestimate the power of great packaging. This is an excellent way to set yourself apart and tap into organic marketing. If you have cool bags, or boxes- people will notice. They will see other customers walking around with your work & ask about it. That’s an easy lift for making all of your products look even more desirable- no matter the size or price.

Write About Your Work: Do you feel like you have to explain what you do to every single person who approaches your display at an event? Wouldn’t it be easier to write up a short description of what you do & frame it? This allows customers to look around at their own pace while also educating them about why your work is so special. The general public has no idea what goes into making art. They want to know, but may not understand how to ask. Use small frames & creative signs to tell your story so customers can ask follow up questions. This prevents individual customers from dominating your attention & allows introverts to communicate with you comfortably. It also lends value and legitimacy to all of your products. People naturally want to support what they understand & appreciate.

Make it count: If you only offer work at one price point or size- you are seriously missing out. The key with small products is designing them so they lead back to your brand. If you offer stickers, find a way to include your website or instagram handle in the design. If you offer postcards- include your name, logo or website on the back. If you offer simple jewelry- make sure your info is on the backing or stamped on the item itself. The same goes for magnets, small pottery, etc. Figure out a way to include yourself in the products. The intention here is to hook buyers with those small investments & ensure they can remember where that piece came from.