Maximize Your Vendor Displays This Season

Displays are SO very important at events. It’s the first impression customers engage with when it comes to your work. Everything else is secondary- your display should give off your general vibe and be eye catching from a distance, and get even better the closer you get. Here are a few tips we like to share with vendors (especially around the holidays!)


– Bring at least one showstopper

You have a limited amount of time to grab someones attention and draw it in. Prominently display at least one of your biggest, most impressive pieces. It demonstrates your skill, invites curiosity, and helps to makes a lasting impression. While most customers aren’t in the market for something elaborate or expensive at a vendor event- the presence of a really distinctive work of art will get their attention and bring them over to your table.


– Embrace odd numbers

Displays tend to look better when items are grouped in 3’s or 5’s. Odd numbers allow you to play with stacking, pyramids, and other interesting shapes. If your display is rigid, hyper organized, and perfectly symmetrical, customers can feel like they will mess it up if they touch anything.


– Color is everything

Think about your brand’s colors before an event. The presence of a consistent color palette is obvious from across the room (or tent), and helps to make your work look a lot more professional. You can use color to tie together every element of your display- including the tablecloth, risers, business cards, packaging, & banner.


– Use all of your space

Space can be pretty limited at events- you have to use it wisely. Embrace both vertical and horizontal space- think about elements like risers, racks & baskets. Depending on your medium- you might need to invest in a few items to help maximize the booth area you are given. Display elements are a great way to enhance the style of you work (modern, rustic, etc) and set your work apart from your neighbors.


– Organize and store inventory

Resist the urge to put all of your work out all at once. Cluttered displays look really overwhelming and disorganized. Leave some empty space on your table so customers can interact with your work. Store your extra inventory close by (under your table or in your car) to replenish displays throughout the day. Try to find that balance where your space looks well stocked, without being chaotic or crowded. Bonus points for a well organized system like labeled bins for that extra work.


– Work with your neighbors

Ask them if they have enough room to get around before you’re finished setting up. This ensures you’re both comfortable throughout the day and allows you to make adjustments before an event starts. A good relationship with your fellow vendors can go a long way- be respectful, patient, and professional.


– Make Sure YOU Are Comfortable

Bring whatever you’ll need to support a positive attitude for the day. This includes a comfortable chair, proper clothing/shoes (especially if it’s cold), snacks, drinks, a helpful friend or family member, personal items, etc. Having all your bases covered allows for peace of mind and a relaxed mindset. If at all possible- bring someone to support you and lend a hand. Your plus one can help with packaging, allow you to take breaks, bring you coffee, record inventory, or just hang out and offer moral support.

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