3 Tips for Pricing Your Work at Events

With Holiday markets and events on the horizon- we know artists have been extremely busy preparing inventories. One issue we commonly face (now and throughout the year) is pricing. You spent all this time making beautiful work, and want to sell it at a price that reflects your value AND meets the expectations of your customer. This critical step can be fraught with anxiety and confusion but it doesn’t have to be that way!

DAC has and always will encourage artists to advocate for their own value. The publics perception of what art is worth starts with you. Here are 3 general pricing rules we like to follow:


– All handmade items are worth AT LEAST $25. If you insist on selling small items for less, consider bundling them together (3 for $25) or offering mix and match options. Yes, small items are great for stocking stuffers, but in a crowded event- you do not want customers agonizing over a $10 purchase and blocking off your table throughout the day. Ultimately it’s your work, and pricing is in your hands- make the most out of Holiday Events in a way that’s best for your small business.


– Do not intentionally undercut other Artists. The last thing any of us want is a race to the bottom. We are a community of creative people leveraging our most valuable assets- time and talent. We are in this together. What sets your work apart from that of other Artists should be always be quality & expression- NOT offering the same thing at a lower price.  Be cool, don’t start problems. We have the power to foster a rising tide rather than a sinking ship.


– Pricing is a piece of cake. Think of pricing & inventory at events like a wedding cake. The top tier is your most expensive work (bring just a few pieces), the middle is your upper to midrange work (bring a moderate amount), the bottom tier is your more affordable work (bring a lot). If you offer a variety of products at different price points you increase the probability of sales exponentially. Not everyone is ready to invest in that amazing, expensive showstopper piece- but having it at your table will definitely draw customers in and show them what you’re capable of.

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