Have Art, Will Travel

Let’s get out of here… Maybe a day trip? Artist Residency? International adventure? It doesn’t matter where- travel is an essential asset to your creative practice. Leaving behind the monotony of home & studio life opens up a whole vista of creative discovery. In fact Artists are notorious for their wanderlust… Perhaps it’s our thirst for inspiration, or a desire to experience the great work of those who have come before us. Either way, travel (near and far) comes highly recommended. Putting yourself in new and unfamiliar places not only allows you to see something different in the world- it also teaches you something new about yourself and your own perspective. These experiences enrich creativity and generate new memories for us to draw on later. So, grab a friend, a group- or go solo… Pick a place that calls to you: a foreign city, local landscape, museum, residency program, throw a dart at a map! Whatever you do- get out there and savor the complexities of this world. Bring what you find back and transform it into art so we can experience it together.

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