Waxing Poetic: Why You Should Attend Art Lectures

Art is a communication device. Full stop. Whatever you make, however beautiful, however practical- the ability to speak about it is paramount. Artists often create objects as a means to express something- yet when it comes time to discuss that something- we draw a total blank. This is a problem worth solving. If you struggle to talk about art, attending lectures and listening to the pros can be wildly helpful. Not only will you begin to adopt those skills yourself- you’ll probably learn something new and meet some interesting people in the process. Lectures dive into the connection between art, artist, and the context of their work. This information is incredibly inspiring to contemporary artists because it provides a framework we can personally relate to. You’ll learn about the meaning, the struggle, the life behind the creation. You often have the opportunity to ask questions, and explore details that would otherwise go totally unnoticed. There are numerous free lectures held at local museums, galleries and colleges. In fact we make it a point to post about them on the hub’s opportunity feed. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening in the company of fellow art-curious people (we highly recommend bringing a couple friends). Make it a date, grab a drink, coffee or dinner. Discuss the discussion, share what you’ve learned, practice talking about art. It will serve you well and help you feel a little more confident next time someone asks about your work.

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